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8 FIFA 17 Things That Make You Happy Playing
Contrary to popular belief, there are things in FIFA 17 that will actually make you happy. Angry moments will arise from all of the glitches and unfair goals you concede, but sometimes, things will go your way.
There is a lot at stake when playing FIFA online and seeing victory in winning the division one title or glory with FUT Champions can bring a smile to your face. And of course, nothing will cement that happiness quite like the revelation that there is someone in the world worse at FIFA than you are.
Gaming in general can be frustrating, but in FIFA it can inspire a whole new level of rage that can be all consuming. This is all the more reason to be deliriously thankful when happy moments do occur in the game.
For this reason, good moments must be celebrated as much as the bad are condemned, so here are eight things that make you happy playing FIFA 17.
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